this is me


? ? My name is Liu Kongyi, ten years old this year.?
提供ag视讯网站|优惠 ??? I live wave character cheerful, attractive. My hobby is singing, I sing every time, mom and dad all say me, your voice is too big.
??? My math is very good, Chinese, English is good, is for the birds.
??? My advantage is that love to clean. My weakness is I love to play games. This is me.
? ?
??? 我叫刘孔怡,今年十岁。
??? 我的性格活波开朗,讨人喜欢。我的爱好是唱歌,我每次一唱歌,爸爸妈妈都说我,你的声音太大了。
??? 我数学得很好,语文一般,英语不错,综合一点也不好。
??? 我的优点是爱打扫。我的缺点是爱玩游戏。这就是我。


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